Our philosophy has always been to manage every asset as if it was our own, with a proactive and innovative approach. We are able to manage, invest and lease in-house.

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Asset management

Within our team we provide proactive asset management. Managing the strategic and operative concerns across properties, portfolio which affect revenue and risk during the entire life cycle of real estate. We work closely together with all organisational units within our company as well as with numerous external service providers and stakeholders to ensure we maximize the asset.

Property management

Our property management department is responsible for our properties on an operative and commercial level and is the link between owners, or asset management, tenants and service providers. We check all existing contracts right at the start of the process with the aim of increasing quality and reducing costs. In the process, we adjust the job profile to suit the appropriate service providers and are therefore able to provide solutions for the property that are an exact fit. When it comes to standard services and utilities, we are able to rely on our established contractual partners and so can offer you great value for money.









Financial management

Our  finance and accounting department offers the following services:

  • Property bookkeeping
  • Entry level accounting capabilities including tax preparatory services
  • Service charge accounting and complaints management
  • Main accounts (compiling monthly, quarterly and/or annual statements in accordance with HGB, IFRS, USGAAP)
  • Consolidation
  • Fast close (report compiled earlier upon request, based on reliable databases)
  • Condominium Act accounting and advertising associations
  • Managing master data

Leasing management

Our leasing team is responsible for implementing all leasing activities including new lettings, lease re-gears and lease renewals. We pride ourselves on working closely with our asset and centre management teams, as well as our joint agency partners, to deliver the best results for the property. Years of experience and direct contact with the top 100 retail companies in UK and Germany makes us an expert and reliable partner for both lessors and tenants.